Missouri Industry-Recognized Credential LogoMissouri Industry Recognized Credentials (MIRCs) are sought by employers within an industry or sector as a recognized, desired, or preferred credential for recruitment, screening, hiring, retention, or advancement purposes. MIRCs funded by the Office of Workforce Development (OWD) must be listed on the provider website and on the OWD ETPS Page. They may stack into USDOL Recognized Credentials.


If you have any questions about MIRCs, please contact info@dhewd.mo.gov.


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(Updated Dec. 21, 2021)


Recognition Process


Training providers, employers, and workforce boards may apply to add a MIRC to the list by filling out the application. Applications will be reviewed quarterly unless otherwise approved by the Director. A list of new MIRCs will be published quarterly and included in the Office of Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning's (OAWBL) Annual Report. Approved MIRCs will be endorsed by OAWBL's Business and Industry Council.


Application & Removals


The approved application is the method for adding and including new MIRCs into the Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS).  Applications will be submitted to OAWBL. The online application form is preferred. Completed applications must be sent to Rebecca Fletcher via email.


The approved removal request is the method for removing MIRCs from the ETPS. A reason for removal must be identified. Some examples of reasons for removal include:

  • Not valued by industry

  • No value from employers

  • No post-secondary value

  • Inaccessibility to citizens

  • Discontinued credential or certification

  • No longer offered


Removal requests will be submitted to OAWBL.




MIRCs will be tracked using the Office of Workforce Development's Case Management System within the Wagner-Peyser application.




MIRCs are aligned with the following 11 targeted in-demand industries.









  • The only target industry that combines public & private sectors to get a clear picture of how the Education Industry is performing in the state of Missouri.

  • Explore Education Industry Career Pathways


Energy Solutions


Financial Solutions


Health Sciences and Services



  • Includes the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors - such as museums, zoos, parks, amusement parks, casinos, and other outdoor recreation activities; accommodations including hotels, motels, recreational camps, RV parks, room & board housing; and food service sectors like food and drinking places.

  • Explore Hospitality & Food Service Industry Career Pathways


Information Technology

  • Includes information sector employment such as software publishers and data processing, as well as professional and technical services like computer system design, technical consulting, and research and development services.

  • Explore Information Technology Industry Career Pathways




Transportation and Logistics