This site is intended to provide some documentation of cost containment practices at Missouri's Public Colleges and Universities. This is a dynamic page that will be updated and modified and will add best practices in Missouri and other states. Institutions are encouraged to send any information about their efforts to cost effectively operate their campuses.

Institutions have provided the following items:

  • Administrative reviews to find ways to streamline mailing, purchasing, payroll, leave entry, grade reporting
  • Restructure/reduce departments, divisions, programs and staff
  • Implement billing audits
  • Increase class size
  • Increase use of adjunct faculty and temporary staff
  • Implement performance contracts
  • Increase collaboration with other higher education institutions
  • Reduce/eliminate paper communications
  • Initiate textbook rental programs
  • Use energy management systems
  • Seek funding from outside sources

Additional resources include:


  • Honoring the Trust by William F. Massy

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