What is the Common Manual?
The Common Manual (CM) is a FFELP student loan policy and procedure manual produced and published by a committee of the National Council for Higher Education Resources (NCHER). The CM is available in electronic formats and may be downloaded or printed from the CM website. The electronic format is referred to as the Electronic Common Manual, or ECM. The Camera-Ready Copy, provided as an Annual Update, is formatted for printing.

https://commonmanual.org also features CM Training Briefs, archives, news and other tools. If you regularly research FFELP* policies, you may wish to subscribe to the CM public listserv. By subscribing to the listserv, you will receive information such as draft policy proposals for review and comment, final policy updates after approval by the CM Governing Board, committee updates, industry surveys and other information.

MDHEWD staff contact for the CM:

  • Dan Day, senior associate for compliance and member of the CM Governing Board
  • Kim Slote, policy analyst for compliance and member of the CM Policy Committee