Following are answers to frequently asked questions:


Q1: What is a DD214 form?


A1: A DD214 form is a certificate of release or discharge from active duty. An annotated sample of the DD214 is available to help institutions determine student eligibility.


Q2: What will the mechanism be for reporting the amount of tuition waived to the CBHE?


A2: Institutions may submit this information in a letter that accompanies their budget requests. The Missouri Returning Heroes Act provides that institutions may submit information about the amount of tuition waived during the previous fiscal year when they request funding for the following year. 


An illustration of the timeline for this is: During July/August 2017, institutions would provide the CBHE with information about the amount of tuition waived during FY16, which would include the 2016-2017 academic year. This information would be provided in connection with the institution’s FY19 budget request.


Q3: How does the Act affect clock hour programs?


A3: The statute does not specifically exempt programs from this requirement based on the progress measurement system used by the school. Consequently the limit must apply to these programs as well. For programs measured in clock hours rather than credit hours, the institution shall use the conversion formula of 15 classroom hours equals 1 credit hour and apply the tuition limit in an equivalent fashion.


Q4: Where should an institution direct additional questions?


A4: Questions relating to the status of an individual student and their satisfaction of eligibility criteria should be directed to the Missouri Veteran’s Commission. While the Veterans’ Commission cannot make eligibility determinations, they can provide information about available documentation and interpretation of the information relating to a veteran’s military service.


For information about implementation of the requirements, please contact MDHEWD at (800) 473-6757, option 4.