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Physical Address:
301 W. High Street (Suite 840, 860, 870, 580)
Jefferson City, MO 65101


Overnight Deliveries:

301 W. High Street, Suite 870
Jefferson City, MO 65101


Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development

P.O. Box 1469

Jefferson City, MO 65101


Office of Workforce Development

P.O. Box 1087

Jefferson City, MO 65101


Missouri Economic Research & Information Center (MERIC)

P.O. Box 3150

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: (573) 751-2361
Toll-free: (800) 473-6757
Fax: (573) 751-6635
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Office Hours
Monday - Friday | 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.| Closed on State Holidays


Media Inquiries

Communications Office

Phone: (573) 522-1312


A+ Scholarship Program

For questions about the A+ Scholarship Program: (800) 473-6757, option 4 or

For questions about A+ school designation, contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at (573) 751-2453.


Apprenticeship Missouri



Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant


Phone: (573) 522-6285


E-Payments to MDHEWD


Journey to College

Apply Missouri, FAFSA Frenzy, Decision Day, publications, speaker requests





Academic Affairs
(573) 751-2361


Borrower Services for MDHEWD-guaranteed loans
(800) 473-6757


(573) 751-2361


(573) 751-1767


(573) 526-1577


Defaulted Borrower Assistance
(573) 751-3940


(573) 751-2361


Higher Education Research
(573) 751-2361


Jobs Centers

(888) 728-JOBS (5627)


(573) 751-2361


Communications/media requests
(573) 522-1463


MDHEWD Student Loan Program
(573) 751-3940

Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC)



Office of Workforce Development

(866) 506-0251


Proprietary schools
(573) 751-2361


(573) 751-2361


(573) 526-0687


Quality Improvement Efforts
(573) 751-2361


Student Financial Aid
(573) 526-7958

Common Referrals

ACT/SAT Score Acceptance

Contact your institution directly:

Area Career and Technical Centers

Contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (573) 751-3500 or

Educator Certification

Contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (573) 751-0051 or

Complaint Against a Public or Independent Institution

Any complaint against a higher education institution should begin by going through your institution's complaint process. Contact your institution to determine how to begin this process.

Civil Rights Complaint

Contact the United States Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights. 1-800-421-3481, TTY: 1-877-521-2172, or

Degrees/credit earned out-of-state or internationally

Contact your higher education institution directly:

Professional Licensure/Certification

Contact the Division of Professional Registration (573) 751-0293, TTY: 1-800-735-2966, or

Senior Citizens' Tuition Waiver

Contact your higher education institution directly:

Student Residency

Contact your higher education institution directly:

Higher education institutions in Missouri use the following policy to determine residency: Residency - Student Residency Requirements