College and Career Readiness

CBHE recommendations


The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has recommended a 24-unit college preparatory high school core curriculum designed to prepare students for college-level coursework.


In addition to these recommendations, students should discuss admission and placement requirements with staff at colleges and universities they are interested in attending.


High school curriculum recommended by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education:


  • English/ Language Arts - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 3 units
  • Mathematics - 4 units*
  • Science - 3 units
  • Fine Arts - 1 unit
  • Additional Coursework - 3 units
  • Electives - 6 units**


*Although high schools require 3 units of mathematics, it is recommended students take a math class each year throughout high school. It is particularly important for students to take a mathematics course in grade 12.

**At least two units of foreign language are highly recommended for college-bound students.

Basic Skills Assessment: Statewide Placement Guidelines