Equity in Missouri Higher Education



The Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development is committed to our vision of empowering every Missourian with the skills and education needed for success. Postsecondary education contributes not only to workforce development, but it also leads to increased economic activity, increased wages, better overall conditions in the state, and improved quality of life for our residents. We acknowledge that there are many Missourians that do not have equal access or opportunity to a higher education and all its benefits. As a result, The Equity in Missouri Higher Education Project has been a continuing effort since 2019 that attempts to highlight and address the major disparities across race, ethnicity, socioeconomics, gender, and disability status.



Bridges to Success Webinar Series

The Bridges to Success Webinar series has been hosted by MDHEWD since September 2020. These webinars feature presentations from higher education and community partners from around the state. Click here to see the full archive of Bridges to Success webinars along with a list of upcoming events.

Covid-19 & Equitable Outcomes

COVID disrupted higher education and added new obstacles that disproportionately affect students already experiencing equity gaps. MDHEWD released a series of White Papers during 2020-21 in regards to how COVID is affecting these students around Missouri.


DSS on Campus

MDHEWD has partnered with the Department of Social Services and several Missouri institutions of higher education across the state to make social services easily accessible for college students and staff.

Equity Summit & Reports

MDHEWD hosts an annual Equity Summit at the end of October where educators, community partner,s and others can gather to discuss the Equity of Missouri Higher Education. Along with the Summit, the annual Equity Report is presented.


Missouri Prison Education

MDHEWD has partnered with MODOC and colleges across the state to serve students who are currently or formerly incarcerated. The goal of this partnership is serve these students and help them on a path to prosperity and stability.