Annual Leave

Generally accrue 15 days a year for beginning employees.

Sick Leave

Generally accrue 15 days a year.


New Year's Day (observed)
Inauguration Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Lincoln Day (observed)
Washington's Birthday
Truman Day (observed)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Christmas Day (observed)

Missouri State Employees System (MOSERS)

- Vested after 5 years of creditable service
- Provides retirement, life insurance, and survivor and disability benefits
- 1-800-827-1063 or (573) 632-6100

Missouri Consolidated Healthcare Plan (MCHCP)

- Provides medical, vision, dental and EAP benefits to state active and retired employees
- Available plans are specific to areas of the state.
- 1-800-487-0771 or (573) 751-0771

Missouri State Employees' Cafeteria Plan (MOCAFE)

- Employees may direct a portion of pre-tax earnings through state-sponsored health insurance premium, vision, dental, flexible medical and dependent care.
- 1-800-366-4827 or (573) 634-1333

Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan

- Defers taxes until retirement by investing in mutual funds and income accounts.
- 1-800-392-0925

Express Scripts, Inc.

- Provides coverage for prescription medicines.
- 1-800-797-5754

Missouri Saving for Tuition (MOST) Program

- Save for the cost of higher education through payroll deduction.
- 1-888-414-MOST

National Vision Administrators, L.L.C. (NVA)

- Provides coverage for basic eye care.
- 1-877-300-6641

Delta Dental

- Provides dental coverage
- 1-866-737-9802