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April 06, 2017

Higher education work groups to consider ways to cut administrative costs
College presidents and chief financial officers will recommend savings measures

Two groups of presidents and chief financial officers from Missouri’s public colleges and universities have been appointed to identify ways the state’s higher education institutions can reduce administrative costs.

The work groups, appointed this week by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, will make recommendations in three areas: shared services and procurement, regulatory relief, and employee benefits.

“This effort will complement the ongoing work at our colleges and universities to identify cost-savings measures to free up funds that can be invested in providing high quality, affordable higher education programs to Missouri students,” said Zora Mulligan, commissioner of higher education.

One work group represents Missouri’s four-year universities and the State Technical College of Missouri, and the other group represents the state’s two-year community colleges.

The work groups will determine savings that could be achieved by sharing services and improving procurement practices.

The groups also will identify state regulations that create obstacles for operating efficiently and increase costs for the colleges and universities. The groups are expected to make recommendations for changing or rescinding the regulations.

In addition, the groups will analyze retirement and health insurance benefits currently provided to college and university employees and recommend changes that would reduce costs while still providing competitive benefits.

The work groups will submit their first report to the Coordinating Board and establish a timeline to address additional issues by Aug. 15.