The Advanced Placement (AP) Program, sponsored by the College Board, is a cooperative education endeavor between secondary schools and colleges or universities. The AP program provides advanced high school students with an opportunity to take college/university-level courses taught in the high school by specially trained teachers. Students who demonstrate mastery of the advanced material through success on nationally standardized AP exams may be eligible for college credit.

The AP exams are reported on a five-point scale as follows:

5 - Extremely well qualified*
4 - Well qualified*
3 - Qualified*
2 - Possibly qualified*
1 - No recommendation**

*Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement
**No recommendation to receive college credit or advanced placement

While the College Board recommends that students should receive college credit if they achieve scores of 3 or above, Missouri institutions determine their own policies regarding credit and advanced placement for AP scores. Students should contact institutions directly with questions concerning AP acceptance policies.