Student residency requirements are covered in Missouri’s Code of State Regulations (6 CSR 10-3.010). This administrative rule provides guidelines for determining eligibility for in-state tuition at public postsecondary institutions as well as for determining eligibility for Missouri state aid.

Resident Status Factors

  • Because attendance at a Missouri postsecondary institution is considered a temporary residence in the state, a student neither gains nor loses resident status solely based on enrollment.
  • The burden of proof in establishing Missouri residency rests on the student.
  • Missouri residency can generally be obtained by presence within Missouri for the primary purpose of full-time employment or retirement or for a minimum of twelve consecutive months along with proof of intent to make Missouri a permanent home for an indefinite period of time.

Residency can be impacted by other factors such as military service, the payment of personal, income, or property taxes, automobile registration, and more. Thus, it is recommended that you review 6 CSR 10-3.010 for complete guidance. Questions regarding residency and eligibility for Missouri state financial aid programs may be directed to or (800) 473-6757 option 4.

Statutory References

Section 173.005, RSMo, Residence Status of Students

Section 173.1104, RSMo, Eligibility Criteria for Assistance