What is the Missouri Workforce Development Board?

Missouri's Workforce Development Board represents a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the State. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to help job seekers and workers access employment, education, training, and support services needed to succeed in the labor market, and match employers wiht the skilled workers needed to compete in the global economy.


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The Board serves as convener of State, regional, and local workforce system partners to enhance the capacity and performance of the workforce development system; align and improve employment, training and education programs, and thruogh these efforts promote economic growth. The Board actively participates and collaborates closely with the required partners of the workforce development system, including public and private organizations. This engagement is crucial in the Board's role to help integrate and align a more effective job-driven workforce system that invests in the connection between education ad career preparation. The Board advises Missouri's workforce partners in the setting and implementation of workforce policy for the State's local workforce regions/areas.



The vision of the WDB is to prepare Missourians to enter the workforce with marketable skills and to provide businesses with recruitment assistance to find workers with the skills they need.



The mission of the WDB is to engage employers, education providers, economic development, and other stakeholders to help the workforce development system achieve the purpose of WIOA an dthe State's strategic and operational vision and goals outlined in the State Plan.


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Photo of Mardy Leathers

Mardy Leathers

Executive Director


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Leonard P. Toenjes

Board Chair


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Cara Canon

Vice Chair


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Garland Barton

Executive Team Member


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Celeste Cramer

Executive Team Member


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Virgil White

Executive Team Member



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Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development

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Email: dhewd.stateworkforceboard@dhewd.mo.gov


Yvonne Wright

     Phone: (573) 751-3300

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     Email: yvonne.wright@dhewd.mo.gov