Financial literacy is defined as:

  • The ability to read, analyze, manage, and communicate about personal financial conditions that affect material well being.
  • Financial education programs on college campuses and at high schools. The objective of financial literacy programs is to help students better manage their finances, budget effectively, and borrow wisely.



Financial Literacy Events

The department has been offering debt minimization, default prevention and financial literacy presentations to postsecondary students for almost two decades. Request a speaker by completing the online speaking event form.




  • Planning for Financial Success — Monthly budgeting worksheets covering the academic year. This piece for high school seniors and college students provides financial literacy and money management tips to help guide students through the year.


  • Smart About Spending — A Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook for teaching the required personal finance class in high school. The text and activities cover all competencies outlined in the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s curriculum for personal finance.


  • Smart Approach — A publication for administrators and staff at Missouri higher education institutions to assist with developing and promoting more cohesive plans for student success, including retention and default prevention.


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