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Beginning with the spring (January) 2022 semester, high school juniors and seniors may be eligible to receive a scholarship that covers the tuition and fees for their dual credit or dual enrollment courses. To qualify, students must be taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses from a Missouri college or university and meet the program's eligibility criteria, available under For Students below. Awards will be prioritized based on financial need determined by adjusted gross income from the most recent tax year.


Information about this new scholarship is still being finalized. Click the buttons to visit the pages that will be periodically updated as more information becomes available.


Click here for Student Information about A+ Dual Credit / Dual Enrollmment ScholarshipClick here for educator information on the A+ Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment program


MDHEWD's policies for the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Scholarship are outlined in the program's proposed administrative rule. This proposed rule was published in the Missouri Register on October 1, 2021. Publication in the Missouri Register initiated the required 30-day public comment period. Public comments were active through October 30, 2021.


Information about the changes made as a result of the public comments received was published in the February 15, 2022 Missouri Register. That publication includes a summary of the public comments received and the sections of the rule that were changed as a result of those comments.


The rule will become effective on March 30, 2022.


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