Beginning with the spring (January) 2022 semester, high school juniors and seniors may be eligible to receive a scholarship that covers the tuition and fees for their dual credit or dual enrollment courses. To qualify, students must be on the path to meeting the A+ Scholarship’s eligibility requirements and be taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses from a Missouri college or university. Awards will be prioritized based on financial need determined by adjusted gross income from the most recent tax year.


Information about this new scholarship is still being finalized.  This page will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.


Am I eligible?


The exact eligibility criteria are being reviewed through the Secretary of State’s rulemaking process and will be posted to this page when they are finalized in late fall 2021.


Is the scholarship limited to certain dual credit or dual enrollment providers?


Students can receive the scholarship for dual credit or dual enrollment courses taken from most Missouri public and private colleges and universities that offer such coursework.  If you’re unsure if your dual credit or dual enrollment provider is included in this scholarship, contact us at (800) 473-6757, option 4.


How much can I receive?


Semester award amounts are based on the actual tuition and fees charged for the dual credit or dual enrollment coursework after all non-loan aid, such as a dual credit or dual enrollment scholarship from a postsecondary institution or third party, is applied.  As a result, awards will vary by student, depending on the number of hours of dual credit/dual enrollment coursework the student is enrolled in and the per credit hour tuition rate charged.  Awards for a single student may also vary by semester, again depending on the student’s enrollment and tuition rate(s) charged.  If you’re taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses from more than one approved college or university, you can receive the scholarship at each one.


This is a sample award calculation for a semester:

Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Provider
Course Hours Enrolled Credit Hour Rate Total Tuition Fees Non-Loan Aid Award
Best Choice University English I 3 $75


(3 x $75)

$25 $100


($225 + $25 - $100)

Best Fit University History I 3 $70


(3 x $70)

$25 $0


($210 + $25 - $0)

            Total Award


($150 + $235)



How can I apply?


Students must apply for the scholarship each semester.  A link to the application will be available on this page in late fall 2021.  You will be required to email a copy of your family’s most recent tax return documenting the AGI to DHEWD with your first application for the year.  For example, if you receive the scholarship for the fall semester you will not be required to resubmit the AGI documentation with your application for the spring semester.  However, if there is a correction to your family’s AGI between the fall and spring semesters, documentation of the correction will be required.  Be sure to redact any Social Security numbers.