Employers in the center, partners puzzle pieces fit around the employers. Workforce systems, apprenticeships, labor ogranizations,the nonprofit sector are examples of partners working with the employers.Partnerships define the apprenticeship model. Successful apprenticeships are launched through collaboration among businesses, educational institutions, the public workforce system, and other key community partners.


Each partner has a crucial role to play in making Registered Apprenticeships a viable option for filling the skills gap in Missouri.


Business partners

  • Help identify the skills and knowledge that apprentices must learn
  • Hire or select employees to be apprentices
  • Provide on-the-job training
  • Identify an experience mentor to work with apprentices
  • Increase wages as skills increase
  • Provide related instruction or in partnership with others


Community organizations

  • Provide industry and/or workforce specific expertise such as curriculum development to support employers in particular industries
  • Serve as a sponsor and administrator of an apprenticeship program
  • Be the provider of related instruction and supportive services as appropriate


Educational institutions

  • Develop curriculum for related instruction
  • Deliver related instruction to apprentices
  • Can provide college credit for courses successfully completed


Interested in getting involved in an Apprenticeship Program? Contact the Apprenticeship Team at apprenticeship@dhewd.mo.gov.