Furthering your education is a decision you make to develop your potential and pursue future career goals. A postsecondary credential is also a major investment of your time, effort, and money, but, if planned properly, this endeavor may be worth your investment.

The MDHE offers free publications designed specifically for students and their families to help you plan and prepare for as well as pay for your postsecondary education. You may order any of the following publications online or by e-mailing info@dhe.mo.gov. You may also call the MDHE at 800-473-6757 or 573-751-3940:

  • College Portfolio - An expandable, tabbed portfolio allowing you to store and organize your college admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and other important documents
  • Never Too Early - A guide to planning for college from kindergarten to senior year
  • Planning and paying for college informational package - Contains a variety of important Missouri and federal publications, such as The Source, a comprehensive guide to all things financial aid and Planning for Financial Success providing financial literacy and money management tips specifically for students

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An overview of the financial aid application process can also be viewed at Financial Aid 101.