There are six major categories of operating standards for schools that are certified to operate by the MDHE. For more complete information, you should read the complete program regulations.

Institutional Standards - pertain to the characteristics of the school, its mission and purpose, the type of ownership and control, the number and location of branch campuses and extension sites, and the status of your institution with any accrediting or approving agencies. This section of the standards also contains requirements for the information that may be used in advertising and publications.

Program Standards - pertain to the title, content, and length of the school's programs, admission requirements, instructional methodologies, credit granted for non-instructional activities, system of evaluation and grading, graduation requirements, and designation of the award bestowed upon satisfactory completion of the program.

Personnel Standards - pertain to the governance structure, maintenance of adequate administrative and support staff, and provision of a sufficient number of qualified instructors.

Financial Standards - pertain to requiring a sound and adequate financial structure supporting continued operation of the school. While not contained in this section of the standards, two related items are the certification fee and the security deposit.

Schools are required to pay a certification fee each year. The amount of the fee is determined by multiplying the net tuition and fee income for the preceding year by $.0013. The minimum certification is $500, the maximum is $5,000.

A security deposit as required by law shall cover any and all Missouri locations and agents of the school. The amount of the security deposit is ten percent of the preceding year's gross tuition income, with a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $100,000. Compliance with this requirement must be accomplished through a performance surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or cash bond secured by a certificate of deposit.

Student Cost Standards - pertain to the disclosure of all financial charges to the student and require a fair and equitable refund policy and an enrollment cancellation policy.

Student Services Standards - pertain to general requirements for school policies and procedures; disclosure to students and prospective students through a catalog or similar publication of information about the school, its programs, costs, policies, and procedures; the execution of enrollment agreements; and maintenance of student related records.