Missouri statutes authorize the Coordinating Board for Higher Education to develop and administer, through the MDHEWD, rules and regulations for the oversight of proprietary schools in the state.

Rules for Certification of Proprietary Schools - Code of State Regulations (CSR)

The Proprietary School Certification Program produces a booklet titled Certification of Proprietary Schools to Operate in Missouri. In addition to the rules and regulations contained in the electronic version, the printed booklet includes a description of the certification process.

6 CSR 10-5.010 (effective on July 30, 2016)

Missouri Statutes for Certification

The rules and regulations for the proprietary school certification program are based on the authority granted to the MDHEWD in sections 173.600 through 173.619 of the Revised Missouri Statutes. The standards and criteria contained in these statutory provisions provide the framework for the program requirements.

Missouri Revised Statutes

Other Information

It is important to note that the term "proprietary" in the title of this program is somewhat ambiguous. Although private, for-profit schools are within the jurisdiction of the program and comprise the largest number of certified schools, tax status is not the central factor in determining whether a particular school is subject to the requirements of the program and must submit an application.

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