The following excerpts from the application to operate in the state of Missouri for purposes of recruiting students to enroll in non-Missouri postsecondary education institutions (DHE 600) are available. Some documents contain macros and, depending on your security settings, you may receive a notice about disabling their operation. In order for the document to function as intended, you should select to "Enable Macros." Click on the appropriate link for the document and format you need.

Microsoft Word and Excel versions are available for downloading and are appropriate for those schools who wish to fill the form out using those software programs, and then print it.

Application Instructions - WORD

Exhibit Checklists - WORD

Data Forms

Program Inventory (Application Item 43) - EXCEL

Total Personnel Data (Application Item 44) - WORD

Income and Expenditures Statement - EXCEL

Program Outline (Exhibit Four) - WORD

Administrative Personnel Report (Exhibit Six) - WORD

Instructional Personnel Report (Exhibit Six) - WORD

Please remember you must request and receive a complete initial application packet in order to formally submit your application for certification. These excerpts are provided to supplement that information and assist you in completing that application.

Application Request Form