Success Services

As Missouri strives to reach 60 percent of working-age adults with a quality postsecondary credential, the department launched a Success Services pilot program for 2018-19.


We are working to provide services and resources for college professionals to help students succeed academically, financially, and personally, as they work through their program of study, and ultimately to the completion of their certificate or degree. These services are being developed based on the best practices and successful outcomes experienced by postsecondary institutions participating in Missouri's Default Prevention Grant during the years 2001-2018.


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Keys to Student Success Summit

Held on April 12, 2019, the summit featured keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and interactive discussions that addressed college students' academic, financial, and personal success.


Peer Counselor Pilot

Success Services has launched a pilot program with Missouri colleges to begin implementing a peer counselor program. Students often are more likely to seek guidance from a knowledgeable peer. The program's goals are to reduce student loan borrowing, increase retention and degree attainment, and help students succeed academically, financially, and personally.


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