Since the fall of 1987, the Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development has annually collected student unit-record information from public institutions across the state. Now known collectively as the Enhanced Missouri Student Achievement Study (EMSAS), these collections have proven invaluable in the ongoing analysis and evaluation of postsecondary education in Missouri.



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Current EMSAS Manual (2016): EMSAS Manual 2016
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The MDHEWD requests this information pursuant to its authority under Sections 173.005 and 173.020, RSMo, and 6 CSR 10-4.021, in compliance with the provisions of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Access to identifiable student records contained in the data is protected in accordance with FERPA. Aggregate (non-identifiable) summary information derived from these data enables the MDHEWD to appropriately meet its statutory and other evaluation and reporting requirements, including the annual publication of the High School Graduates Performance Report and the Statistical Summary of Missouri Higher Education.

Over the past two decades, EMSAS has undergone many improvements in regard to data quality as well as administrative efficiency. To a large extent, these improvements embody the collective efforts of institutional data coordinators and MDHEWD staff. Because of these improvements, EMSAS is playing an increasingly important role in assisting strategic planning and policy implementation at both state and institutional levels. It is in this role that MDHEWD expects EMSAS will continue to provide reliable, timely, and responsive information to help strengthen Missouri higher education to the benefit of students, families, policymakers, and institutions.